Cocktails can pack a serious caloric punch, but diet-conscious drinks can help reduce caloric intake and keep a healthy lifestyle on track -- without sacrificing the enjoyable relaxation that a few drinks can bring. The Skinny Bitch is a popular low-calorie cocktail that's both quick and easy to make.

Add the Ice

Add ice cubes to the glass until the top of the ice is almost level with the rim.


Use enough ice to keep the drink cold, but keep in mind that as the ice melts, it will water down your drink.

Combine Vodka and Diet Soda

Pour the vodka into the glass, followed by the diet soda. Stir gently.

Add Lime Wedge

Garnish your Skinny Bitch with a lime wedge.


A lime wedge is the traditional Skinny Bitch garnish, but you can use any other low-calorie fruit that produces an appealing taste, such as a lemon or orange slice.