Hair twists, either double or triple strand, are a great style for women on the go, that are interested in a style that is still feminine but also offers versatility. Women that swim a great deal often wear their hair in twists, or braids, to minimize the damage pool chemicals can take on the hair. Even still, there are precautions you should take to protect your strands.

Loosen your twists if you have them in a ponytail or other restrictive updo. The less stress you can place on your hair, the more it can withstand any stress placed on it from the pool water. Even if you plan to wear a cap, it's best to gather your hair with your hands and tuck the twists into the cap.

Put on a swimming cap before you enter the pool. The absolute best way to care for your twists when swimming is to cover them up. A swimmer's cap keeps water out so the chlorinated liquid cannot penetrate the hair shaft. The cap might feel tight at first, but it has to be to some degree to be completely waterproof; as your head adjusts to the cap, it will feel more comfortable.

Rinse your hair before entering the pool if a swimmer's cap is not an option. A dose of fresh water -- preferably cool -- locks the hair shaft and keeps the chlorine from penetrating deep into the hair shaft.

Rinse your hair immediately upon exiting the swimming pool. Wash the chlorine out of your hair and apply a conditioner for natural hair. This is key because pool chemicals can cause severe damage to your twists. Leave the conditioner on your hair for several minutes to allow it to thoroughly moisturize your locks.

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