Tasty homemade vanilla sauce in bowl

Vanilla sugar, common in German, Austrian, Slovenian and Danish confectionery treats, is difficult to acquire outside of Europe. When available, vanilla sugar is often costly and sold in small quantities. If a recipe you are preparing calls for vanilla sugar, have no fear, you can make a substitute instead. Vanilla extract allows you to flavor sugar for use in any recipe. With just a few hours of preparation, you can substitute vanilla for vanilla sugar.

Combine 1 tsp. vanilla extract and 2 cups sugar in a mixing bowl. If the recipe you are making calls for more than 2 cups of vanilla sugar, increase the amount of ingredients using the same ratio.

Whisk the ingredients quickly for 60 seconds. If there are any clumps in the sugar, continue whisking for another 60 seconds until the ingredients are an even tone and consistency.

Line a cookie sheet with wax paper and pour the sugar onto it. Smooth the sugar in an even layer and leave it to dry for three hours.

Shake the cookie sheet to bring the bottom layer to the surface and allow it to dry for another three hours.

Use the sugar in your recipe as you would vanilla sugar. Store any unused sugar in an airtight container for up to one year.


Always allow the sugar time to dry to infuse it with the vanilla’s flavor before cooking with it.