By Diana Prince

Curing salt was originally developed for the process of curing meat, poultry, game and fish. The curing process helps to preserve the food and prevent a loss of flavor. Curing salt is different from regular salt, namely because the grains of salt are larger and are able to absorb more moisture. There are times when you may find yourself without a required ingredient, and in most cases, you can use a substitute. When preparing a dish that requires the use of curing salt, you can include a substitute instead. Cue Alaea salt.

Large pink sea salt on blue background
credit: ArtCookStudio/iStock/GettyImages

Step 1:

Gather together the ingredients listed for the recipe.

Step 2:

Substitute the same amount of Alaea sea salt for the amount of curing salt used in the recipe.

Step 3:

Prepare the rest of the dish as directed. You should not notice much, if any, taste difference in the finished dish.

  • Although Alaea salt makes the best substitute for curing salt, there are other options, including black salt, Maldon sea salt and even regular table salt.