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If you are on a low-saturated-fat diet or are just looking to cut down on "bad" fats (like saturated fat) and increase your intake of "good" fats (such as monounsaturated fat), substituting canola oil for butter is an option. You also may want to substitute canola oil for butter if you are cooking a vegan or dairy-free meal.
Or you may just be running low on butter and looking for a substitute to avoid a trip to the grocery store. These steps will show you how.

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Use 14 tbsp. of canola oil in place of each cup of butter when cooking on the stove.

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If you are able to use some butter in your cooking, replace just half of the butter with canola oil using the ratio of 14 tbsp. oil to 1 cup butter, and continue to use half of the amount of butter. This will yield the best consistency.

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Use 10 tbsp. of canola oil in place of each cup of butter when baking.

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Increase the amount of egg by 25 percent when substituting canola oil for butter in a baking recipe.


In baking recipes where you are just looking to reduce the amount of saturated fat and are able to use butter, reduce the amount of butter by 25 percent and do not use any canola oil. This will yield a better consistency than items where canola oil replaces the butter entirely.


Oil and butter have different solid fat contents. For best results, use some butter, as substituting canola oil entirely can lead to a very greasy texture.

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