How to Style Hair with Box Braids

By LeafTV Editor

How to Style Hair with Box Braids. Box braids consist of three of four strands of both hair and artificial extensions. These braids require two hair stylists and can be a bit time consuming to complete, but the finished braids last several weeks. You can style your hair with box braids with just simple extensions or get extravagant adding bright colors, ribbons and beads.

Step 1

Make sure that your hair is at least 3-inches long before planning a box braid style. It takes a lot of hair to make a box braid, even with extensions added, otherwise the braids will quickly slip out.

Step 2

Find a professional hair dresser to style your hair with box braids. Quality braiding may take between 6 and 12 hours to complete, and a professional stylist will insure that your braids last, that your braids are flawless and that your hair is not damaged in the process.

Step 3

Choose your color of hair extension to be added to box braid style. Artificial hair comes in every color, so you can easily match and blend the extensions to your own hair, or add a fun bright color to your style without dyes.

Step 4

Add beads. A few simple beads here and there can add a nice touch to your finished box braid style. Beads can be interchanged to match your styles and moods.

Step 5

Maintain your braids. Massage your scalp with Vitamin E oil or olive oil at least once a week to prevent dry flaking scalp and prevent itching. You will only need to wash your braids a few times a week. Focus on washing your scalp and not the braids themselves. Avoid regular use of heavy conditioners that can build up inside the braids and cause dandruff.