How to Stretch Out Minnetonka Boots

By Megan Lawless

Minnetonka has been a popular moccasin manufacturer for many years. The firm is also known for their styles of casual boots. Minnetonka boots are made out of the same suede leather as its moccasins. Like any shoes made out of leather, Minnetonka boots sometimes need to be stretched to ensure a comfortable fit. There are a couple of different techniques that can be used to stretch leather shoes so that they feel like they were made just for you.

Stretch Minnetonka boots to fit your feet.

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Step 1

Put on a pair (or more than one pair) of thick cotton socks. With the socks on, put on the boot. Turn on the hair dryer to its highest setting and blast the tight spots of the boot with the hot air. Flex your foot while heating the leather so that the tight areas of the boot are able to stretch. Keep the boot on while it cools. This process may need to be repeated to fully stretch out the boot.

Step 2

For boots that are especially snug, a commercially available shoe stretching spray can be used. Shake the can well before applying the spray. Hold the nozzle 6 to 8 inches from the boot and apply the spray to the inside of the boot. Extra spray may be used on the tighter areas of the boot. Immediately after applying the spray, put the boot on and walk around in it for several minutes to allow the boot to mold to your foot.

Step 3

For Minnetonka boots that only need a little bit of stretching, a wooden shoe stretcher is the perfect solution. Insert the stretcher into the boot and use the knobs on the stretcher to adjust its width. Allow the stretcher to stretch the boot for at least 24 hours. Shoe stretchers can also be used to prevent a stretched shoe from shrinking.