How to Store Medjool Dates

By Meg Jernigan

Called the "king of dates," Medjools have soft skins and sweet, juicy interiors. The fresh, deep brown fruit stores well, and will keep for years when dried.

Medjool dates
credit: antpkr/iStock/Getty Images
Medjool dates are high in carbohydrates and potassium.


Place the dates in an airtight container or resealable plastic bag once the original packaging has been opened. Label the bag so you'll know when you bought them. Fresh dates will keep at room temperature for about 45 days. Dates stored in the refrigerator are good for up to 6 months, and frozen Medjool dates keep for up to a year. Dried dates can be refrigerated for a year, or frozen for as long as 5 years. If the dates develop a dusty exterior over time, it simply means the sugars are making their way to the surface. If you feel the need, wipe off the sugar with a damp paper towel or heat the dates over very low temperature.