How to Store Makeup Brushes. Makeup brushes made of natural hair are moderately expensive, but many women feel they're worth it. Nothing gives you the fresh, finished look you get when you use quality brushes. If you want your brushes to last, however, you've got to keep them away from dust and bacteria. Store your brushes in a clean environment, and they'll last for years.

Buy a set of brushes and use the roll-up storage bag that comes with them. You can also buy these storage bags at most beauty supply stores, drugstores and cosmetics counters. Look for a roll-up bag with separate compartments for each brush.

Save money by using one of those bags you get free with makeup purchases. Make sure to keep the area completely clean or you run the risk of harboring bacteria. Be sure to keep brushes used for liquid makeup away from powder brushes.

Hit one of those container or storage stores and pick up a clear plastic or glass jar. Look for a holder with at least three separate sections so you can sort your brushes by size and function.

Store makeup brushes out of direct sunlight. Don't set them on the ledge in the bathroom if it's next to a window. Natural and synthetic fibers wear down over time when exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid heat as well. If your brushes have any leftover product on them, heat may cause them to cake up.

Store extra brushes in a clean, clear plastic bag. When you buy cosmetics that come with brushes, hang onto them. You can pack them up and use them when you travel or carry them in your purse.

Cover portable makeup brushes and store them in a clean, empty pocket in your purse. Unprotected brushes are germ and dirt magnets, especially if they're used to apply liquid makeup or lipstick.

Remove brushes from storage every 3 weeks and give them a thorough cleaning. Use a gentle baby shampoo or your facial cleanser. Pat them dry and leave them out on a clean, dry washcloth overnight.

Pick up stackable containers, bins or baskets and organize the rest of your makeup. Keep lipsticks, eyeliners and eye shadows away from other makeup brushes so they don't stain them.


Tap your powder brushes on the counter or a hard surface before you store them. This helps to prevent excess powder and dust from building up.