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Cupcakes are miniature, self-contained cakes that combine the delights of a full-size cake with the portability and decorating versatility of petits fours. They are a particular delight of children, as their small size makes them easy to handle. Bake them in large batches and frost them simply, or add decorations to suit each guest or family member. Chopped nuts, small fruits or berries, sprinkles and small candies suit the tops of cupcakes well. Iced cupcake storage is simple.

Room Temperature

Place cupcakes on a plate, so they are not touching. Icing and decorations may meld or rub off altogether if cupcakes are packed too tightly.

Cover the cupcakes by closing the cake saver lid. You can also invert a bowl and place it over the plateful of cakes.

Store at room temperature for three to four days at most. After a few days, staleness can set in.


Place the cupcakes in the freezer uncovered for an hour.

Insert a toothpick into each cupcake.

Wrap each cupcake tightly with plastic wrap. For extra protection, place the tightly wrapped cake inside a freezer bag. Leave cakes in the freezer for up to three months.

Loosen or remove the plastic wrap when you are ready to thaw the cupcake, to guard against condensation.


If you do not have a cake saver or an inverted bowl, cover the cakes loosely with waxed paper, foil or plastic wrap.

If your cupcakes or frosted or filled with dairy products, such as cream or cream cheese, store them in the refrigerator rather than at room temperature.


Do not freeze cupcakes decorated with colored sugar, hard candies or gel, as these tend to melt as they thaw.

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