How to Store Homemade Body Scrub

By LeafTV Editor

How to Store Homemade Body Scrub. Making a homemade body scrub is only part of the fun. Packaging and storing your scrub is a delightful, fun craft project in itself. Spend some time finding and customizing your container to create a work of art for yourself or for a friend. Read on to learn how to store homemade body scrub.

Step 1

Decide what you want to do with your homemade body scrub before you search for a container. If you're keeping the body scrub, consider the decor of the room where you'll keep the scrub. If you're giving the homemade body scrub as a gift, consider the occasion for the gift and the tastes of the recipient.

Step 2

Research the container options in your area. Check thrift shops for interesting jars and bottles. Old canning jars make interesting containers, too. You can also check places like Freecycle to find people giving away jars for free in your area.

Step 3

Clean your containers thoroughly once you pick them out. If the material of the containers permits, you may want to boil them. At the very least, wash the containers with very hot, soapy water.

Step 4

Fill the containers with your homemade body scrub and seal them tightly. Make sure the seal is airtight and doesn't leak.

Step 5

Decorate your containers to suit your tastes. You can add ribbons, raffia or bows. You can print decorative labels and paste them to the jars. You worked hard to make your homemade body scrub, so give it the decorative packaging it deserves.