By Zora Hughes

Named after the Dutch city of Gouda where it originated, Gouda cheese is Holland's biggest cheese export. In its traditional form, Gouda is semi-hard and richly flavored with a smooth wax rind. Gouda flavor and softness varies depending on age and preparation methods. Baby Gouda is soft with a more delicate sweet flavor, while well-aged Gouda has more intense flavor. Whichever variety you bring home, you must store Gouda cheese properly in order to maximize freshness.

Gouda cheese pairs well with fruits and fruity wines.

Step 1

Wrap the Gouda cheese up in parchment or wax paper.

Step 2

Wrap the cheese and parchment paper tightly in plastic wrap, ensuring no air is getting through.

Step 3

Place the wrapped cheese in the refrigerator. Gouda cheese will remain fresh in the refrigerator for two to three weeks.

Step 4

Wrap portions of Gouda cheese up to a half-pound each in freezer wrap if you want to freeze the cheese for later use. Place the wrapped cheese in a freezer storage bag and seal before placing in the freezer. Frozen Gouda should be used within two months for best quality.