Strawberries in a white chocolate
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Chocolate-covered strawberries are a simple yet sophisticated treat, but you can't always enjoy them all at once. Use firm berries at peak ripeness and let the chocolate harden completely before you package the berries. Overripe berries can quickly become too soft after dipping, and storage won't improve their quality.

Storing Wisely

Store chocolate-covered strawberries only after the chocolate has completely hardened at room temperature. The strawberries last up to 24 hours if stored in an air-tight storage container in the refrigerator. Place a sheet of wax paper between each layer of strawberries in the container so they don't stick together.

Preventing Condensation

Condensation can occur after you remove the berries from the refrigerator. The difference in the berry temperature and the air temperature causes the strawberries to sweat. Although it doesn't ruin the strawberries, it can look unattractive. Prevent condensation by bringing the container to room temperature before opening and serving the strawberries.