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A half cup of canned pumpkin, which usually comes in 15-oz. cans, contains a whopping 380 percent of your daily recommended vitamin A along with 16 percent of your recommended daily fiber and 10 percent of your recommended daily iron, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. With proper storage, you can keep an unopened can of pumpkin for up to a year. Once you have opened the can, however, you will need to refrigerate the contents and then use them within five days.

Place sealed cans of pumpkin in a cool, dry, dark place that is not exposed to direct sunlight, dramatic temperature changes, significant moisture or heat. Under these conditions, you can keep canned pumpkin for a year or more. Check the expiration date on each can and use the canned pumpkin inside before that date, even if it falls within a year of the time of purchase.

Transfer canned pumpkin from an opened can into a refrigerator-safe container that is not made of metal. Seal the container tightly either with its own lid or with plastic wrap. Place the container into the refrigerator.

Use refrigerated opened canned pumpkin as soon as possible or within five days at the most. Discard any remaining leftover canned pumpkin after five days in the refrigerator.

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