How to Stop the Keurig My K-Cup From Leaking

By Brad Chacos

Keurig sells coffee brewing systems that allow users to brew a single cup at a time. For the majority of the product's history, users were required to use specially-made K-Cups to make coffee with their Keurig brewers. Now Keurig offers a device known as My K-Cup. The My K-Cup features a washable and reusable filter in a K-Cup-shaped basket to allow users the freedom to choose the coffee they want to brew, rather than relying on K-Cup flavors. Unfortunately, the My K-Cup product has been known to leak.


Step 1

Switch to a coarse-ground coffee in the My K-Cup. Finely ground coffee particles have fewer gaps between them, leaving less room for the water.

Step 2

Cut a disk of aluminum foil roughly the same size as the top of the My K-Cup. Place the foil disk over the ground coffee, then screw on the My K-Cup cap and brew normally.

Step 3

Purchase a 1/8-inch thick x 7/16-inch wide rubber washer with a 1/4-inch hole in the center if the My K-Cup continues to leak. Look for the black indented disk in the top of the My K-Cup assembly. Fit the rubber washer over the indented disk, pushing it down snugly so that the washer pushes against the indented walls and stays in place. The extra height will protect against leaking water.