How to Stop Pants From Riding on the Heel of the Shoe

By Milenna Russell

Pant legs that are too long will more than likely end up under the heels of your shoes. If the legs of your pants are dragging on the ground, then they will not only get dirty, but may become tattered and torn. The bottoms of your pants get worn and unrepairable if they fall underneath the heels of your shoes. There are several solutions for preventing pants from riding on the heels of shoes.

  • Pants
  • High heeled shoes
  • Needle and thread
  • Measuring tape
  • Velcro dots
  • Safety pins
  • Clips

Wear high heeled shoes or platform shoes with pants that are long on your legs. The high shoes will lift the pant leg off the the ground and prevent it from slipping under the heel of your shoes.

Hem your pants to the correct length in order to accommodate the height of your shoes. Separate your pants into lengths by having pants for high heels and pants for flats.

Cuff your pants temporarily by using safety pins, double-sided tape or Velcro dots inside the pant leg. Sew Velcro dots inside the bottom of your pant leg and at the appropriate height inside in order to temporarily shorten your pants.

Roll up pants made of heavier material, like cotton or denim, for another temporary fix.

Tuck your pant leg into a pair of boots in order to protect it from dragging on the ground.