How To Steam Frozen Vegetables

Flash-frozen vegetables are full of nutrients and convenience. They are a great alternative to fresh vegetables when you do not have the time to peel, slice, dice and julienne. They also have a much longer shelf life when securely sealed and frozen. Steaming is a good way to cook frozen vegetables because this method of cooking preserves their flavor and suppleness. You can steam vegetables using a bamboo steamer or in the microwave.

Line the bottom of the bamboo steamer with fresh washed lettuce. Place the frozen vegetables in a thin layer on top of the lettuce. Place the bamboo steamer lid over the bamboo steamer.

Pour 2 inches of water into the wok or pot. Place the bamboo steamer inside and check to see that the steamer is evenly positioned inside the wok or pot. Bring water to a boil.


Verify that the water level in the wok or pot sits below the bottom of the bamboo steamer. Otherwise, the frozen vegetables could lose some of their nutrients and become soggy.

Reduce to medium heat and intermittently watch the waterline. Do not let the water boil off completely. When there is 1 inch of water remaining in the wok or pot turn off the heat. Let the bamboo steamer sit for 1 minute. Remove the steamer from the wok or pot by gripping the sides of the bamboo steamer with 2 potholders. Carefully remove the lid slowly.

You can check the consistency of the vegetables by pressing a chopstick or fork into the center of a vegetable. If a vegetable yields slowly it is ready. Some veggies like carrots and brussel sprouts might need longer steaming times. You can test their tenderness using the same chopstick and fork method.

Place the frozen vegetables into a microwave-safe bowl. Cover the bowl with the lid. Microwave on high power for 5 minutes. Carefully remove the lid with a potholder.

Steamed frozen vegetables are great for stir-frying and for baking in casseroles but should not be used in salads because they are not as crispy as fresh vegetables. Steamed frozen vegetables are also good when used in pastas.