How to steam dumplings in a rice cooker

By Lydia Stephens

Chinese dumplings, often served as a side dish, usually come pan-fried or steamed. Steamed dumplings require less oil than the fried variety and are a much healthier alternative. While you may not have a bamboo steamer in your kitchen, you can steam your Chinese dumplings in a simple rice cooker instead. Whether you make your dumplings from scratch or buy them frozen from the market, your rice cooker makes quick work of easy steamed dumplings.

Steam fresh or frozen dumplings in your rice cooker.

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Step 1

Fill the bowl of your rice cooker with 2 cups water. Place the bowl in the chamber of your rice cooker.

Step 2

Apply a light coat of sesame oil to the surface of the steaming basket. This will prevent your steamed dumplings from sticking when you are ready to serve them.

Step 3

Arrange your Chinese dumplings in a single layer in the steaming basket and place the basket in the bowl of your rice cooker.

Step 4

Place the rice cooker on a flat surface and turn it on. Allow the Chinese dumplings to steam for 10 to 20 minutes. Frozen dumplings will take a bit longer to heat through completely.

Step 5

Carefully open your rice cooker and let the steamed dumplings rest for 5 minutes. This allows the excess moisture on the surface of the dumplings to evaporate. Remove the steaming basket from your rice cooker and transfer the steamed dumplings to a serving tray.