You can stay young looking throughout your life if you practice some very basic lifestyle habits. Looking young is about taking care of yourself both physically and mentally. It is possible to look younger than your real age by following these tips.

Start good habits early on. The earlier you begin taking care of yourself, the more likely you will stay younger looking forever.Never smoke, do drugs or abuse alcohol. That means never. You should also avoid any secondhand smoke to stay young looking. The chemicals you absorb from first and second hand smoke can age you substantially.

Do not let your weight fluctuate more than 5 pounds over your lifetime. Any weight loss or gain causes skin to stretch, which will cause hanging an wrinkled skin later in life.

Eat salmon, blueberries, flaxseed oil, green vegetables and fruits almost exclusively. Keep your diet high in protein, but avoid excess meat consumption. Try to consume as many naturally grown foods as possible to avoid any contamination due to pesticides and chemicals. Take a multi-vitamin as well.

Do not drink soda, coffee, tea or other drinks that may stain teeth. White teeth are the signature of youth. Looking young means taking care of your dental health. Have cleanings regularly.

Drink at least 64 ounces of water daily to avoid any dehydration of the skin in order to stay young looking. In addition, put a water filter on all of your drinking water faucets and shower heads. Chemicals from the water can be inhaled during baths and showers (including chlorine) that lead to both internal and external aging.

Use sunscreen everyday to look younger. Be sure to wear sunscreen even when in front of the television or computer. They both put off UV rays that can lead to skin damage. Avoid any tanning completely. Sun damage is the number one cause of aging.

Exfoliate your skin regularly to maintain your youth. In addition, get facials, glycolic peels, and cosmetic procedures as needed to remove dead cells and increase skin collagen production and elasticity. Get body wraps as well to tighten the skin on the body. Procedures such as light therapy can help with rosacea.

To keep your face young, use anti-aging skin care products. Take special care of eyes and lips. These areas tend to become dry and wrinkled more quickly because they are thinner than surrounding skin.

Keep your hands looking young. Be sure to keep sunscreen on your hands,and reapply regularly. In addition, use a parrafin wrap on your hands to moisturize. Exfoliate the hands regularly and always wear gloves when cleaning, doing dishes or using chemicals.

To stay young looking, take care of your hair. Get regular trims, and conditioning treatments. Take hair vitamins if you notice any thinning or loss of shine. Use good professional products for hair care. Regularly buff and file your nails. Apply a conditioner to your nail cuticle as well.

Avoid stress to stay young looking. Practice meditation or yoga to ensure your stress levels are under control. In addition, exercise regularly to look young. This will increase blood flow and increase muscle tone and endurance which will all lead to a more youthful appearance. If you follow all of these tips you will stay looking young forever or at least over your lifespan.