Elegant outfit. Closeup. Leather bag in hands of stylish woman

Guess handbags are stylish accessories that complement a fashion-conscious woman's wardrobe. Most of their handbags retail between $50 to $150, making them an affordable luxury. If brand new Guess handbags are being offered outside of a licensed Guess retail establishment, it is important to know whether the handbags are authentic. Though spotting a fake is not a science, this easy to follow guide will help determine which are likely to be authentic and which are knock-offs.

Five Ways to Spot a Fake Guess Handbag

Head online to Guess's website, Guess.com, to see if the handbag is featured if it is supposed to be from the current season. The site lists all of the handbags available for the current season, so if the bag you are considering is not on the website, chances are it is a fake.

Spotting a fake requires a bit of detective work for purses that are not from the current season. Start by checking the outside of the purse to make sure the stitches are tight and flawless. Shoddy stitching that is crooked or does not match the purse color is a dead giveaway that the purse was not really made by Guess.

Check the hardware on the purse, including the Guess logo on the outside of the handbag as well as the zippers. All of the hardware should look the same as other authentic Guess handbags (visit their website to see what they look like). The zippers on the bag should also have "Guess" written on them. Outer zippers lacking a Guess logo are another sign that the bag is likely a fake.

Look inside the purse to check out the lining. A real Guess handbag will always be lined in fabric--usually a cotton twill or similar fabric. Many fake handbags are not lined at all. Fake handbags with lining are usually made with a thin, cheap fabric liner that is almost translucent and feels flimsy and papery to the touch.

Check the label on the inside of the bag, or lack thereof. All designer handbags, Guess included, have their label sewn into the inside of their handbags. The label is usually located just under or just above the inside zipper pocket of the purse. Fake handbags are made cheaply and quickly, and most knock-off manufacturers do not spend the time and money required to sew in the inner label.


  • Since Guess handbags range in price from $50 to $150, last season's handbags can be found new at lower prices. A low price does not automatically mean that the bag is not authentic.

  • When in doubt, simply ask the seller if he is an authorized Guess distributor and gauge their reaction. Unauthorized sellers might balk at the question, or will become suspicious and stop the sale.