How to Spot a Fake Cole Haan Purse

By Alina McKee

Before you click the bid button for a Cole Haan purse on eBay or buy a purse from a street vendor, take a second to think about the purchase. That purse could be a fake, and the difference is important. Knockoff purses are of inferior quality and will not last nearly as long as the name-brand version. Plus, buying a knockoff helps support the illegal practice of copyright infringement. Learn how to determine if a Cole Haan bag is the real thing or just a cheap imitation.

Cole Haan Purse

Step 1

Feel the leather. Leather on a designer bag has a very particular feel. It should be soft, smooth and supple. When you bend it the leather shouldn't crinkle. If the leather has a plastic-like feel or is hard, then it probably isn't Cole Haan.

Step 2

Check the credentials. If the bag doesn't come with a Cole Haan authenticity card, take a pass on it.

Step 3

Check for the Cole Haan signature-engraved charm on the bottom of the strap.

Step 4

Cole Haan bags cost around $300 to $12,000. If you are purchasing a new one for a deeply discounted price, such as $25, you are more than likely getting a fake.