Pierced tongue licking lollipop

Tongue piercings are very popular among the teenage and college age set. However, one of the major drawbacks of this piercing is the inability to speak clearly. Some people with a new piercing find that they slur their speech or can not enunciate words correctly. You can learn to speak clearer with a tongue piercing.

Give it time to heal. The slurred speech is going to be the worse right after you get the piercing. Once it has healed, the swelling will go down and you are going to be able to speak clearer.

Take ibuprofen during the healing process. This is going to help with the swelling, the main cause of your slurred speech.

Pretend that the piercing is not in your mouth. Many people hold onto the piercing when they are speaking and it makes it hard to understand them. By pretending that it isn't there, you are going to find your speech less effected.

Speak often. The more that you try to talk after the piercing, the more improved your speech will become.

Change the barbell. A smaller barbell may improve your ability to speak since it is less likely to weigh your tongue down.


  • You are going to eventually learn to speak clearly after your tongue piercing. You just need to get used to the feel of the piercing.

  • If your job requires a lot of talking, then you should notify your employer of your plans to get a tongue piercing. Otherwise, take a few days off until your speech returns to normal.