How to Soften a Leather Belt. Got a favorite leather belt that just will not loosen up? There is a very simple way to loosen up that belt without damaging the leather at all. The following steps will guide you to loosening your favorite leather belt in just a few minutes.

Purchase isopropyl rubbing alcohol. This can be bought at your local drug or grocery store. The brand of the alcohol is of no concern to this process.

Pour some of the alcohol onto a cotton ball. Rub the cotton ball thoroughly all over the leather belt. You may need to use more than one cotton ball if the first one becomes mangled. Repeat this process two more times to ensure the alcohol has soaked into the leather.

Use Vaseline to rub onto the belt as well. This product can be purchased at most grocery stores and drug stores. This process is best done by using your fingers. Make sure you rub the entire belt with the Vaseline. You will not have to repeat this process. By performing this step, the leather is not only loosened, but it is also softened.

Use the same technique as mentioned before on all your other leather products. Shoes, belts, purses and wallets can all receive the same treatment and will all be loosened and softened by the above process. This process will also protect your shoes from water damage as well.