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Many women choose to get acrylic or gel nails put on before special events such as weddings or fundraisers, and many others choose to grow out their own nails to keep their own sense of style. Either way, sometimes you can't get to the salon to get your nails trimmed or filled in after a couple weeks of growth, so you have to shorten your nail tips on your own.

Shortening Nail Tips

Swab your nails with cotton balls soaked in nail polish remover. This will clean your nails of any leftover polish and dirt. Wash your hands well with soap and towel dry them thoroughly.

Clip your nail tips using a nail clipper. Eyeball how much length you wish to take off, then take the same amount off each nail to keep your fingernails even.

File and buff your nail tips. This will help shorten your nails. File the tips of your nails into the shape you prefer. The most common shapes are rounded or square. Afterward, buff them to even out the edges. Wash your hands and dry them with a towel.

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