By Chris Waller

Food mailed to loved ones in other cities, states and countries can bring joy to both the shipper and receiver. With perishable items being sent through UPS, it is important to keep a few important things in mind: Try to send food that travels well, such as peanut butter cookies, brownies and shortbread. Chocolates and foods that require refrigeration should be packed with cold packs. And before sending food to another country, have UPS' international shipping experts help you determine the restrictions of that country. With some preparation and careful packing, your perishable food can reach its destination in good shape.


Wrap your perishable food in tinfoil or plastic wrap. Make sure your items are wrapped well.

Place the wrapped food in plastic containers, filling each one up as much as possible to reduce the amount of space the food has to move around inside the box. Include a cold pack in each container, if necessary. Place lids on each container and seal them well.

Stack the containers to fill the corrugated shipping box, and fill all the empty spaces with bubble wrap or plastic foam. This will cushion and insulate your perishable food.

Close and seal the box tightly with packing tape.

Place a shipping label marked with the sender's and receiver's address on the top of the box, and write "PERISHABLE" in large letters with a marker on all sides of the box.

Choose UPS' next-day shipping option or another expedited option to get the food to its destination as quickly as possible.