By Stuart Robertson

Whether you are an individual sending a gift to a friend or family member, or a business looking to expand into new markets, you are able to ship your food products with any typical mail or package service. And by following a few simple do's and don'ts, you can help ensure that your food package arrives at its destination in an edible condition.


Consult the rules and regulations of your package courier of choice. If you are an individual sending food for a noncommercial purpose with UPS, for instance, nothing is required of you. However if you are a business or sending food for a commercial purpose, UPS may require you to give them prior notice of the shipment and register with the FDA, depending on the circumstances.

Bake your donuts or buy them. If you've baked them yourself, allow them to cool. Depending on the amount of time your donuts will be in transit and the climates they will be traveling through, you may wish to freeze the donuts prior to shipping or even include some ice packs in the shipping container. Donuts are fairly resilient though, and in most cases they will survive without these extra steps.

Package the donuts in an air-tight bag. Use whatever kind of padding you've acquired to pad the donuts, and put them in the shipping container. The entire package should be a fairly snug fit so that the donuts don't have a chance to move around much during shipping, which could damage them.

Tape the box up and write all the pertinent information on it. Write "Perishable Items" on the box if you wish. Couriers may treat the box more gently.

Take the donuts to the shipping facility right away. Donuts are less perishable than most food products, but they are still perishable, and whenever you're shipping food, time is going to be important.