When nail clippers become dull, it can be a hassle to trim your nails. Getting a clean cut is more and more difficult, and you may end up with some pretty unattractive nails. Though it takes a few minutes, sharpening your nail clippers at home isn't difficult, and it doesn't have to be done often. It saves you from purchasing new clippers every time the blade turns dull.

Remove the actuating lever from the nail clippers. This is the lever on top of the clippers that you push down to clip your nails. Do this by squeezing the jaws of the clippers together with a wrench.

Remove the pin from the actuating lever and the lever will come off.

Insert a screw where the actuating lever was and tighten it with a bolt. It should be so tight that the mouth of the clippers are completely shut.

Grind the nail clipper's blade end down on a sharpening stone. After about a minute, the blade should be sharpened.

Remove the bolt and then the screw. Use the wrench to push the jaws of the nail clippers together again. Replace the actuating lever and insert the pin.