Few people are blessed with a perfect jawline. To compound the problem even more, as you age the skin in that area begins to sag and give the appearance of jowls. Additionally, many don't have the facial structure that they want. Consequently, you have to shadow the jawline in order to get that perfect oval look. Whatever your problem may be, follow the steps here to learn how to shadow the jawline.

Apply the rest of your makeup as you normally would. Make sure to extend your foundation or powder down into the neck area. There should be no line of demarcation between where the makeup ends and natural skin begins.

Decide what look you are going for. For example, are you just trying to soften the appearance of jowls? Are you trying to make your facial structure appear more oval? Are you just defining a jawline that isn't particularly prominent? Or perhaps you want to disguise a double chin. Once you know the look you are going for it will be much easier to achieve your goal.

To diminish the appearance of jowls, use a matte bronzer or brown blush as contour. Using an angled brush or other applicator appropriate to the type of contour product chosen, blend the product in thoroughly. Place a line of contour color along the jawline. Blend in thorough so that it shows no line of demarcation between the foundation, contour and your natural skin.

Apply a highlighting product above the jawline to draw the eye up into the facial area. Blend carefully up so that there is line of demarcation between the highlighter and the facial foundation.

Apply a foundation that is one shade lighter than normal from the center of the face down into the jawline to make facial structures that are diamond or heart shaped look more oval. Use a darker contour at the upper jaw line in order to reduce the appearance of wider cheeks. Blend it thoroughly into the foundation so that there is no line of demarcation between the foundation and the contour. Do not use a highlighter.

Apply a foundation that is one shade darker on either side of a round or square jaw in order to make it appear more oval in nature. Use a dark contour in the same area to help further eliminate the full look of the face. For a round face also place the dark contour at the tip of the chin area. Blend it in thoroughly so that there is no line of demarcation between the foundation and the contour.

To diminish the look of a double chin, apply a dark contour blush along the entire jawline. Brush slightly more underneath the entire length of the chin. Blend in thoroughly so that there is no line of demarcation between the contour and the foundation. Do not apply a highlighter.


  • If you are tanned, use a slightly darker (about one shade) foundation and blush than normal.

  • You can use a powder, cream, gel, or stick contour, whichever works best for your type of skin.

  • Use the proper application tools to apply the product so that you have good blending capabilities.

  • Choose a highlighter that is about one shade lighter than your foundation.

  • A creamy highlighter often works better than a powder or stick.

  • Apply contour and highlighter in thin coats until you get the look that you want.