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Fun, flamboyant and adaptable to any shape and size, this silky, reversible magic skirt is a whole wardrobe in one with literally dozens of ways to wear it. This skirt is made with two pieces of fabric which should be of similar weight. A plain and a flowery pattern in silk works well together, or try a plain black with a black and white geometric pattern to create a dramatic effect. You can be creative in your choice of fabrics, colors and effects.

Ask a friend to measure the length of the skirt you need with a tape measure. This is the width of fabric required. Note the number.

Breathe normally while your friend measures around your waist. Double the number and add 3 inches. Note the number as this is the length of fabric required.

Obtain two lengths of lightweight material in different colors and designs to make your reversible magic skirt.

Take one piece of fabric (a) and lay it flat on a suitable hard surface, wrong side up.

Make a mark on the fabric of the width measured and noted earlier, on one side of the fabric. Measure the other side of the fabric and mark it at 16 inches. Draw a line connecting the two marks.

Carefully cut along this line and down the two sides.

Place the fabric (b) on fabric (a), wrong sides facing each other. Using the cut piece as a template cut fabric (b) to match. The short and long widths should be facing each other. Pin together to hold in place. Hem along the bottom edge of both the fabrics, facing inwards. This is the bottom of the skirt.

Stitch the vertical edges of the two pieces of fabrics together at both edges. This is the basic skirt.

Decide which fabric will look best for the ties. Take the excess piece of the preferred fabric and mark it so that it measures 2 1/2 inches by 12 inches. Fold the fabric over and cut it out. This will provide two pieces of the above measurements.

Making sure that patterned side is facing inwards, iron a crease by folding one piece in half and repeat it with the other piece.

Use a sewing machine to hem three sides each of both pieces. Turn them inside out so that the right side is out and iron them. These are the two ties for the skirt.

Measure one inch of fabric from the unhemmed edges (the top) of the basic skirt and turn inwards and iron to give a neat finish. This is the waistband.

Place each of the two ties created earlier at each end of the waistband, pin them in place and sew them together.

Check that the ties are level with the waistband. Measure 1 inch of the folded waistband and fold again. Iron and sew with the sewing machine; this should be done very neatly as the skirt is reversible and this edge will be visible.


Instead of making both ties of the same material, make each of them with the different fabrics.


Buy color fast fabrics so that their colors don't bleed into each other when washed.

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