How to Sew a Hooded Cloak

By Heather Berkowe

A hooded cloak is a necessary part of any villan, red riding hood, or maiden costume. Making a cape from scratch is a frugal and quick way to whip up this important prop. This cape is a traditional, full-circle cape with a full, slouchy hood. Any thick fabric will do; velvet, organza, taffeta, or cotton sateen all work well. A fairytale cape is within your grasp.

A hooded cape is an essential red riding hood prop.

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Mark and Cut the Cape

Step 1

Lay out the fabric on a flat surface. The width of the fabric will be the longest length that the cape can be without seaming it. To seam, sew another piece as long as the cape and proceed.

Step 2

Fold the fabric in half, creating two squares, using the width as a measurement for the length at the selvage. Cut the excess fabric.

Step 3

Cut the fabric at the fold line, creating two squares.

Step 4

Turn the fabric so it looks like a diamond, with the selvage on the left upper edge. Cut a half circle beginning 4 inches down from the corner of the fabric where the the selvage meets the width of the fabric and ending at the opposite edge of the fabric 4 inches down. Cut through both layers of fabric. You will be cutting the corner of the fabric off.

Step 5

Make the hem parallel to the half circle by measuring and marking lines from the half circle to the hem using a ruler. The shortest part of the circle will be at the edges. The length between the small circle and big circle will be the length of the cape. Cut the hem on the line.

Mark and Cut the Hood

Step 6

Cut two squares with right sides together. Cut each square to 24 inches long by 18 inches wide. Draw a curved line beginning 12 inches from the left of the top left of the square and ending 4 inches down on the right side of the square.

Step 7

Measure the circumference of the small, half circle that you cut on the cloak piece. Mark the bottom of the square with the circumference measurement from left to right. If the measurement is 8 inches, measure 8 inches from the left and make a dot.

Step 8

Connect the dot to the curved line on the right side of the square. Cut the piece out, following your line and cutting through both layers.

Sew the Cape

Step 9

Sew both the long, straight non-selvage edges of the cape pieces together with the right sides together.

Step 10

Fold the hem of the cape back 1/2 inch towards the inside of the cape. Sew the hem 3/8 inch from the folded edge.

Step 11

Sew the hood with the right sides together along the long, half-circular piece that continues from the top of the hood to the back of the hood.

Step 12

Open the cape piece and the hood pieces on the sewn seams. Sew the small, half circle of the cape to the bottom of the hood, right sides together. The cape should now be assembled.

Step 13

Fold back the selvage of the cape 1/2 inch towards the inside of the cape. Sew the selvage and the hood edges 3/8 inch from the folded edge to hem the hood and front of the cape.

Step 14

Sew ribbon to the outside edges of the seam of the hood and cape and over the hem seam.