How to Set Rollers for 60s Hairstyles

By LeafTV Editor

Hair in the 1960s meant big volume and precise curves. Beehives and flips were all the rage, and the bigger the better. Hairstyles of the 60s were very controlled, which often meant sleeping in large rollers or sitting for hours at the beauty salon under a hairdryer. Some women even wrapped their hair around cans to make it smooth. Thankfully, ladies today don't have to go to those extremes to create the same look.

To creaet a 60s hairdo you can't have a hair out of place.

Step 1

Apply a styling lotion to wet your hair after shampooing and conditioning.

Step 2

Create a beehive-flip hairstyle by setting your wet hair with medium to large smooth plastic rollers. Turn all rollers down except the last row at the bottom, which should be turned up. Set your bangs on one large roller that is turned down.

Step 3

Remove the rollers once your hair is thoroughly dry. Back-comb or tease the crown, spraying with hairspray as you go. Smooth your hair lightly over the top with a comb or brush without flattening the teasing. Your crown should be full and rounded with the bangs smoothed to one side.

Step 4

Use the brush or a comb to perfect the flip until it is evenly curled all the way around with all ends facing outward in the same direction. Smooth every hair into place.

Step 5

Use a curling iron to perfect the flip if needed. Spray your entire head with strong-hold hairspray.