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Rieslings are traditionally German wines, known for being sweet — sometimes overly so. For this reason, some people may be turned off by Rieslings. However, this versatile wine can range from dry to semi-sweet to sweet and can be served with a variety of foods. For example, Rieslings pair well with fish or pork and can even be served with spicy cuisines.

Match the type of Riesling with the food you are preparing. Pair dry Rieslings with seafood, pasta, veal or pork. Medium-sweet varieties go well with fish, chicken and sashimi, while sweeter wines pair well with strong cheeses (blue, Gorgonzola) and spicy food. Very sweet Rieslings complement fruity and creamy desserts nicely.

Chill the Riesling to about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Put the wine in a chiller no more than an hour before you serve it because storing it in the refrigerator can alter the taste.

Open the Riesling bottle with an ordinary bottle opener. While most brands still use corks, some use twist caps, which are more easily removed.

Pour the Riesling into a glass, the shape of which is dependent upon the type of Riesling you are serving. For instance, drier Rieslings should be served in taller white wine glasses with a long stem for easy swirling; sweeter, traditional German Rieslings should be served in shorter, more squat glasses. Do not fill the glass more than halfway.