How to Serve a White Merlot

By Scott McMahon

The general rule of thumb when it comes to wines are that fish, poultry and seafood should have a white wine to accompany them, while red meat and pasta dishes favor red wines. White Merlot, a full-bodied, plum flavored wine, will break all of these rules. White Merlot wine, served at the right temperature, will make a fine accompaniment to any food you choose, making it a unique wine to serve with any meal. With its reasonable price tag, even in hard economic times, it can still be enjoyed by many.

White merlot is an enjoyable and economical wine.

Step 1

Pour ice into the Champagne bucket.

Step 2

Set the wine bottle into the ice, covering the bottle up to neck.

Step 3

Leave the wine sitting in the ice bucket for one hour, until the wine reaches the optimal temperature of 52 to 55 degrees.

Step 4

Remove the bottle of wine from the bucket of ice. Using a towel, wipe the bottle to prevent dripping. Wiping the bottle will also help maintain the appearance of the label on the bottle.

Step 5

Open the wine bottle 15 minutes prior to serving. This will allow the wine to breathe before serving.