How to Send Perfume by USPS

By Annie Wang

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has an obligation to ensure that parcels are safe for its employees to handle. While perfume may seem innocuous in your home, changes in temperature and pressure during transport can make it explode or catch fire. Perfume is considered a Hazard Class 3 Flammable and Combustible Liquid by USPS because of its high alcohol content. Shipping perfume through USPS takes some preparation and a little extra travel time. Follow the USPS guidelines for sending perfume and your package will have a safe and trouble-free journey to its destination.

Know the guidelines before sending perfume through USPS.

Step 1

Consider where you want the perfume to be sent and when you want it to arrive. Because perfume cannot be mailed via air transport, it must be carried by a USPS truck. This will require extra travel time. It also means you cannot send perfume outside of the continental United States. USPS estimates that ground transport takes two to eight business days, depending on destination.

Step 2

Place the perfume inside a resealable plastic bag and seal it. Wrap the perfume in a few layers of bubble wrap and place it in a sturdy cardboard box. There should not be too much excess room in the box for the perfume to move around. If there is, fill it with tissue paper or bubble wrap. Tape the box shut.

Step 3

Attach a mailing label with the destination address clearly written on it. On the upper left of the mailing label, write the return address. Also write "Liquid" and "Fragile" on the box.

Step 4

Take your package to a USPS branch. You will need to ship this at the counter because it will require special handling.

Step 5

Inform the USPS employee that you are shipping perfume. He may place additional labels on the package. Ask for a tracking number if you need it. Provide a value for the perfume, if asked. Pay the shipping fees.