Prom season is an exciting time for high school students across the country. The urge to locate a prom dress that’s flattering to the figure and easy on the budget, leads many mothers and daughters on a search for discount dresses. Selling used prom dresses is a way to please the thrifty crowd and put extra money in your pocket.

Inspect the used prom dress you wish to sell. While a used prom dress won’t have original tags and packaging, it shouldn’t have holes and stains. Ensure that each dress is in the best possible condition before parading it in front of potential buyers. Consider taking each dress to the dry cleaner’s or an alteration shop to repair minor blemishes. This is especially important if you want top dollar for the dress. Used prom dresses with damages can be sold, but you’ll need to price them accordingly.

Write down detailed size, style and wear information for each dress. Photograph each dress for quick previewing. Allow serious buyers to inspect the dresses in person. This will help prevent dresses from being stained by unnecessary handling.

Price each dress according to current trends. Prom dress styles and popularity change every season so, don’t expect a high price for a dress that was trendy years ago. Take a mall trip to inspect the prices of this season’s hottest dresses. Designer price tags on used prom dresses probably won’t generate any buyer interest.

Sweeten the deal with accessories and discounts. Offer to provide items such as shoes, jewelry and purses with the dress purchase. Providing services such as hair styling or makeup styling is another avenue for increased sales. Offer extra savings for purchasing multiple dresses which can appeal to mothers with many high school daughters.

Make targeted appeals to parents and high school students to get the dresses sold. Run ads in local school newspapers to create interest in your product. Create a custom fashion show to showcase your dresses. Let potential buyers see that used dresses can still make bold fashion statements.


  • Consider teaming up with an alteration shop to boost both of your profits. Exchange alteration referrals for advertisement space.

  • Market the prom dresses for use on other formal occasions such as balls and conventions.

  • Use a popular high school student to spread the word about your dresses. Getting her to wear one of your used prom dresses could increase your sales for the upcoming year.

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