Whether from a booth at a charity event or at the intermission of a child's musical recital, selling homemade baked goods is a tradition that goes back years. With the Internet age and the accessibility of producers from around the country, selling baked goods to a broad market is easier than ever. Armed with a delicious product and a store at a reputable online food marketplace, you can sell homemade baked goods online.

Apply for a license from your state to be a food seller. Because each state is different in its requirements, call your city governmental office and ask to apply for a small business license to sell food. They will either direct you to a website governing your state, where you can fill out a simple application form, or send you the application materials through the mail.

Pass a home food inspection. In some states, you may be required to pass an inspection just like any commercial business selling food. An inspector may visit your home and check that your home and cooking area follows all relevant laws for food safety, including using fresh ingredients, a clean working environment and proper storage.

Take good, digital pictures of the foods that you want to offer. People won't just trust that you make a good brownie. They want to see it. The better the pictures of the foods, the more successful you will be at selling them.

Set up an account for your online food "store." One of the fastest-growing online food marketplaces that has received praise from media sources such as Oprah magazine, The Washington Post and The New York Times is Foodzie. Choose a store name and a description of what you will sell.

Follow the instructions for setting up your online store after your application has been accepted. A store like Foodzie takes you through registration and set-up step by step.


  • While selling your food on a marketplace which simply runs an advertisement about your baked goods may seem like a faster way to sell your baked goods, it is wise to use a reputable marketplace that is known for quality assurances.

  • Regardless of the means and quantity of your sale, you will likely need to obtain a license. Don't try to sell without one, as you may be subject to legal penalty or fines for operating a business without a license.