How to See If Your Snakebite Piercing Will Look Good

By LeafTV Contributor

Snakebite piercings generally refer to two evenly spaced piercings on either side of the bottom lip. According to the University Health Services of the Tang Center at the University of California, Berkeley, a lip piercing can take six to eight weeks to heal completely, and you should thoroughly clean your lip piercing twice a day throughout the healing process. Due to the high maintenance needs and initial cost of snakebite piercings, you should determine if the piercings will be a good fit before the actual lip piercing takes place.

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How to See If Your Snakebite Piercing Will Look Good

Remove the beads from two captive bead rings. Put the beads aside in a secure location.

Fit the captive bead rings around the left and right sides of your bottom lip, in the normal location for snakebite piercings. Sliding the captive bead rings onto your lip will give the same general appearance as would snakebite piercings.

Look in the mirror to ensure the rings are in the desired locations. Adjust the rings slightly from side to side until they're just where you want them to be.

Judge the look of the jewelry. Look at the lip from all angles to get a good idea of what the actual piercing may look like.


  • Apply adhesive rhinestones to the desired spots under your lip on the right and left sides to get the general appearance of snakebite piercings with labret studs or barbells.

  • Ask friends for opinions on your "test" snakebite piercings.