Massage therapists enhance the effects of a massage by using heated stones. Natural basalt stones are preferred by many therapists because they are smooth and retain heat well. Heated stones against the skin warm the client and relax his muscles. The massage therapist rubs the client with the stones, then leaves the heated stones on the skin to continue warming the body. The stones must be seasoned with oil before heating to help the surface glide against the client’s skin. The stones should be washed and seasoned before each use. Seasoning the stones helps the massage therapist get to know her stones so she can use them to maximum advantage.

Things You'll Need

Wash each individual stone in warm, soapy water after each use and before seasoning. Use a small scrub brush such as a nail brush to clean each one thoroughly. Rinse well and set them aside after washing to dry naturally.

Hold a stone in one hand and place a drop of jojoba oil in the center of the stone. You can also add a touch of a scented essential oil if you like. The jojoba oil will carry the scent of the essential oil and does not turn rancid.

Rub the oil into the surface of the basalt massage stone with your free hand. When the first side is coated, turn the stone over and rub the oil into the other side. Turn the stone over in your hands several times to coat the basalt evenly in the oil.

Repeat Steps 1 through 3 for all the other natural basalt massage stones you have. Place the stones in a heater to use for a client, or store them until the next time you need them.


  • LaPolar recommends you periodically restore energy to your natural basalt massage stones by putting them in a running stream for a time or laying them outside during a night on which there is a full moon. If you do not have access to a stream, you can put them in the shower under cool water.

  • Use lavender oil along with the jojoba oil for a relaxing scent. Vary the scent with your clients depending on their needs.

  • You can use mineral oil or baby oil to season the stones in a pinch, but it is much better to use natural, nonpetroleum-based oil.