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Fish oil has omega-3 fatty acids in it which are good for helping relieve skin conditions and scars. Fish oil is most commonly used to help with acne scars and improving skin complexion through ingestion of capsules, but is used directly on scars elsewhere on the body as well. You can also use fish oil on mild burns to make sure that minimal scarring occurs. Apply the fish oil to scars as soon as possible so that the healing effect is maximized.

Buy a bottle of fish oil supplements in gel capsules. Typically they are ingested orally, but for scars will use this oil on your skin.

Clean the area where the scar is with soap and water. Cleaning it ensures that as much of the oil gets into the skin as possible.

Pierce a capsule with the pin. This lets the oil flow out so be ready to squeeze it onto the scar, or have your finger ready to get the oil that comes out.

Rub the oil onto the affected area. Make sure it is thoroughly massaged into the skin. Then let it dry.

Apply the fish oil twice a day. You should see improvements within a week.