There are many ways you can treat your depression without a prescription. However, even if you decide not to ask for a prescription, make sure your doctor is aware of your depression and your decisions regarding medication.


Saint-John's-wort can be useful in treating mild depression, although its effect on major depressive disorder is debated.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D when used with light therapy can often improve the depression that is felt with seasonal affective disorder.


5-HTP may be just as useful as some prescription antidepressants in treating moderate depression.


Melatonin can treat depression that is associated with anxiety. It may also improve seasonal affective disorder.

Fish Oil

Fish oil can have a positive effect on depression. Whether or not this is true of DHA, a component of fish oil, by itself is unknown.

Folic Acid

Vitamin B9, or folic acid, can improve depression. Low levels of folic acid have been shown to be related to poor response to antidepressants.