By LeafTV Team

Keurig coffee makers use disposable K Cups. Here is how to recycle and reuse Keurig K Cups for more uses.


There are two ways to avoid throwing away Keurig coffee maker K Cups. One way is to use Keurig's own My K Cup basket, which you can fill with coffee. Another way that works quite well is to reuse the store bought coffee K Cups several more times before throwing them away. For this you will need several lids, called My-Kap lids, for the throw away coffee cups. Wash the coffee out of a used K Cup under running tap water. If you prefer, dump out the used coffee grounds into a container and compost them for use in the garden.

Refill the K Cup with fresh ground coffee after a thorough cleaning. Depending on how strong you like your coffee you can tamp a bit more in the cup using the blunt end of a steak knife or spoon. Attach the My-Kap lid and use as you would a new K Cup.

After brewing use the pick end of the My-Kap brush to pry out the reusable lid. Wash out the used K Cup and it is ready to be used again. Don't squeeze the sides of the K Cup when removing or you may crack the K Cup. Used Keurig K Cups can be used up to several dozen times each before throwing away.