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Tassimo brewing systems provide owners with the ability to create a single hot beverage through the use of plastic T-Discs that fit into the top of the machine and dispense a variety of hot beverages, including cappuccino, espresso, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Companies who produce Tassimo T-Disc products include Starbucks, Nabob, Suchard, Maxwell House and Gevalia. The Tassimo brewing system reads the bar code located on the disc once it is placed facedown in the machine to decipher which beverage to make. Reloading used T-Discs with ground coffee beans, tea leaves or ground cocoa allows you to brew hot drinks of your choice while recycling the discs.

Remove the foil covering from the top of the T-Disc with a knife. Lay the foil flat on a paper towel without crumpling, folding or tearing it.

Cut the UPC code and bar code off the foil covering in one piece and set aside on a paper towel.

Rinse out the inside of the T-Disc with warm water so there are no remaining coffee grounds. Dry thoroughly.

Fill the T-Disc with fresh-ground coffee, espresso or tea leaves, depending on what the T-Disc previously contained. Matching the type of beverage will ensure that the bar code transmits the correct brew time and temperature to the Tassimo machine.

Place aluminum foil over the top of the T-Disc where the old foil used to be, wrapping it tightly around all the edges. Place the old foil on top of the new to gauge where to place the bar code.

Tape the foil containing the bar code and UPC code, using double-sided tape, onto the new aluminum foil in the same area as on the old foil.

Insert the T-Disc in the Tassimo machine. Close the top of the disc holder to start the brewing cycle.

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