Don't let a minor disaster spoil the party. Whether you flipped a cake layer out of its pan or knocked your frosted masterpiece to the floor, here are a few ways to salvage your dessert.

If a baked layer broke cleanly, use extra frosting to glue the pieces together. Place a cardboard round covered completely with foil or plastic wrap under the layers for support while you reassemble them.

Tear some soft bread and use the pieces to fill large gaps. Patch smaller holes and dents with frosting. Continue decorating as planned.

If the cake cracks or breaks after it's frosted, ease the pieces together by pressing the sides in with a flat spatula. Smooth frosting over the cake.

Use fresh fruit, edible flowers or decorative frosting flourishes to hide imperfections.

For a cake that falls apart completely, make a classic trifle: In a pretty glass serving bowl, create layers of crumbled, liqueur-soaked cake, whipped cream, and berries or shaved chocolate. Refrigerate until serving time.


  • Always make extra frosting. It's easy to scale up, and you never know when you'll need a little more for fancy swirls or last-minute touch-ups.