By Liz Tomas

Camo icing stands for camouflage icing, or the colors used by hunters and the military to be camouflaged with their surroundings. Camouflage icing can be used on army tank cakes, cakes for the hunting enthusiast, a homecoming for a soldier and more. There are two different ways that you can create the camouflage effect using icing. One requires three different icing colors to be created and the other uses spray-on icing colors. The method you use depends on the time you have and your experience with icing cakes.


Three Colors of Icing

Mix the icing you are going to be using. The icing can be royal icing, Crisco icing or buttercream icing; or you can even use store-bought icing as long as its original color is white. Royal and Crisco icing are recommended if the party is outdoors, as buttercream icing will melt in warm weather.

Separate the icing into three different bowls. Color the icing with food dyes; you will need black, brown and green icing. Use a small amount of brown icing to create a tan color. Use black to create the black icing and then use green with a little bit of brown coloring to create the olive green color used in camouflage.

With a teaspoon, drop small bits of the different colored icing over the surface of the cake. Spread each color out using a small spatula, making sure each icing blob touches the adjacent icing. This will create a camouflage effect on the cake. You can also use a star icing tip and pipe the different colors onto the cake in patches.

Spray Icing

Mix up a batch of icing and tint the icing a base color for military camouflage, such as brown or olive green. Spread the icing over the entire surface of the cake.

Cut out holes in a paper towel so that you create a stencil for the military camouflage design. Use two different paper towels and cut out irregular shaped holes in different areas. Use one paper towel as the stencil for adding green color to the cake and the other one to add black color to the cake.

Place the paper towel stencil over the cake and spray on the color mist over the stencil. Where the holes are cut out, the color spray will stick to the cake icing. Remove the stencil and allow the color spray to dry. Then add the second stencil and spray on the second color in the same manner.