Eyeglasses with plastic frames

Anyone who wears glasses knows the importance of choosing just the right pair to flatter your face. In addition to helping you see, glasses make a fashion statement. If you have found the perfect pair and are not ready to part with them when it's time to update your prescription, there's good news: you don't have to. You can quickly and easily replace the old lenses in your plastic frames with your new prescription.

Lay down towel to catch the lenses and any screws as well as prevent them from getting lost. Remove any screws carefully then remove the lenses. If your frames do not have screws and are one-piece plastic, heat will be required to remove the lenses.

Fill a bowl with hot water. Submerge the frames in water about a minute if the lenses did not come out in Step 1. When you are able to flex the frames, add gentle pressure using your fingers to remove one lens at a time.

Point a hairdryer around the lenses to warm the plastic. Use this method if the hot water did not work. Just as with using hot water, the goal is to make the frames flexible. Again, do not use force with the lens. If the lens doesn't pop out the first time, apply more heat to the frames and keep trying.

Pop your new lenses into the old frame while it is still flexible from the heat. You may need to apply a bit more heat from the hairdryer or soak again in hot water. Apply heat until the lenses pop in easily.


  • Do not use boiling water. Hot tap water will work.

    Use a towel to handle the frame when it is hot.