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It is a time-honored tradition to replace a Burberry coat's buttons and repair it, rather than buy a new one -- especially if it's the well-known trench coat style. According to Burberry, the trench coat was invented by the company in 1914, soon after developing its weatherproof and breathable gabardine material. Buttons should be replaced only through Burberry, for a fee, because authentic new buttons cannot be purchased anywhere else.

Take your Burberry coat that needs replacement buttons to your nearest mainline store, which are the larger department stores. Bring any proof of purchase, if you still have it.

Ask a sales clerk to check whether replacement buttons are available for your coat. If so, leave your coat with the store, and get an invoice for the repair. Some buttons on older styles cannot be replaced by Burberry.

Return to the store in approximately four to six weeks, to pick up your coat with the new buttons. Pay the fee for the repair and the buttons.

Contact Burberry through the company website or by telephone, if traveling to a store is not possible. A customer service consultant can help you locate the replacement buttons, if they are available. Pay the repair fee with your credit card, and then ship your coat to Burberry -- with a tracking number to ensure your coat arrives at its destination. Wait approximately four to six weeks for your coat with its new buttons to arrive at your home.


If Burberry no longer carries your buttons, you can try third-party companies for replacements. However, it may be difficult to authenticate real Burberry buttons.

Purchase buttons at a local fabric store, if you do not mind having different ones.

Buy a Burberry coat of the same model from an auction website or consignment store, to replace your buttons. This is a good solution only if there's a damaged one for sale at a bargain price, making the purchase for parts cost-efficient. Otherwise, vintage Burberry coats in good condition generally are costly.


If you purchase Burberry accessories from another company, they may not be authentic.