How to Remove Wrinkles With Coconut Oil

By Gail Marie

Coconut oil softens skin, promotes healing of damage already done—like wrinkles--and protects it from further damage. By absorbing deeply into the cell structures of your skin's connective tissues, coconut oil keeps those tissues strong so that your skin doesn't sag (and form additional wrinkles). This helps stop free-radical formation, which causes wrinkles and liver spots, as well as other signs of aging and sun damage. Using coconut oil on your skin also helps remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, which will make your skin appear smoother and younger. It is best to apply the coconut oil to your face before going to bed.


Step 1

Wash your hands and face with a gentle cleanser, and pat dry with a soft face towel.

Step 2

Place a small amount of virgin organic coconut oil on the tip of your fourth finger (your ring finger).

Step 3

Choose one side of your face, and apply the oil to the center of that side using and up and out motion, making sure to apply it evenly and to massage it very gently to help it absorb. Do not rub it in.

Step 4

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 on the other side of your face.