Baked Chicken Wings on White Background

When preparing chicken wings at home, they need to be cut properly to separate them into sections. The wing separates from the drumette to create two chicken wing sections. Once you remove the chicken wing, the tips often are removed for presentation. The wing tips are the pointier section of the wing, and they do not contain much meat. After you locate the joint of the chicken wing tip, removing them is not challenging.

Examine the chicken wing closely. A chicken wing consists of three sections that include the section that joins the body, the middle section and the small pointed0end section known as the tip.

Locate the joint of the wing tip. The joint bends close to the end of the chicken wing.

Discard the chicken tips, or place them in a freezer bag to use later.


Freeze frozen chicken wing tips to use later to create a soup stock. Place the wings into an airtight container or a freezer storage bag.


Wash your hands, kitchen utensils and surfaces before and after handling the raw chicken wings to prevent a food-borne illness.