Perfume is commonly sold in beautiful little glass bottles. It seems a shame to throw those gorgeous little bottles away, so instead, reuse them. With a few simple tricks you can remove the old perfume smell from your perfume bottles and use them for your hand made scents or other projects.

Empty the remnants of perfume from the bottle and then rinse with warm water. Make sure that you rinse the cap and any pieces of the lid as well. Place some water in the bottle and then work the sprayer mechanism to flush out any perfume from the plastic tubing.

Place the cap, lid and sprayer mechanism in a small bowl and then cover with a high quality vodka. Pump the sprayer mechanism once or twice to fill the inside of the tube with alcohol. Use only pure vodka without fragrance and do not substitute with other forms of alcohol, such as gin. Soak the sprayer mechanism overnight, as it tends to hold the perfume smell far longer than glass.

Fill the glass bottle with vodka as well. Once you are done soaking the extra pieces, place the sprayer mechanism into the bottle and again, pump the sprayer, working vodka through the plastic tube to help remove the smell.

Discard the vodka and place the bottle and sprayer mechanism in a sunny location to dry. Once the pieces are thoroughly dry and the alcohol has evaporated, there should be no trace of the perfume smell.