How to Remove the Cap From a Cazadores Bottle

By Michael Davidson

Tequila Cazadores is a well-known brand name of tequila that is made from blue agave plants grown in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. The tequila is aged for over four years before it is bottled, sealed and then labeled for sale. Tequila Cazadores seals their bottles with a tamper-resistant cap and a security seal to prevent tampering and to eliminate the risk of children opening a bottle by accident. Tequila is also affected by oxygen and the cap keeps air out. Removing the cap from a Tequila Cazadores sometimes requires a sharp tool.

Step 1

Peel the security label off of the bottle to make the cap easier to remove.

Step 2

Pull the cover off to get to the cap underneath that is sealed.

Step 3

Push firmly down on the cap and twist it to pop the cap off. It works much like a child-resistant medicine bottle.

Step 4

Use pliers or a knife to puncture the cap and pry it off if the twisting method doesn't work.